Anette Herrmann

Anette Herrmann played in small ensembles at a very young age and sang as a soloist in children’s choirs and church concerts. Her family background shaped her musically early on with German, Israeli, English classical and folkloric influences.

After her vocal training (mezzo-soprano, Celle, Hanover) and studying design, she moved to England, where she sang Folk & Pop. Soon after her return to Germany she found her way to bossa nova through many jam sessions with free improvised music and trained in Portuguese, rhythm and bossa vibes in musical stays in Brazil. Anette sings bossa, jazz, pop, soul in studios, on board various cruise ships and in jazz clubs with international bands. Live performances in Europe and Brazil complete her profile.

The other half of her soul belongs to the Baroque and Renaissance periods. Her baroque ensemble “Musica Andretta” plays and sings a repertoire by, among others, Caccini, Dowland, Monteverdi (Italian, German, English, Spanish, French) with baroque instruments and can be heard in churches and theaters in Germany, Italy, the EU (a A. Concert tours to Rome, appearances in the Lübeck Theater, etc.). Anette’s temperament and passion also infect those who have not yet found themselves in the “classical music” genre.

She is fascinated by music as a universal language and interaction, which is why her experience of working with children, teens and adults makes her an all-rounder with a feel for people and musical impulses: (e.g. as a singing coach at various Hamburg music schools, daycare centers and schools, etc. A. Musical Company Hamburg, music theater in the Louise Schröder School Altona, music education in the Kita Stifte and in the KinderCampus, but also throughout Germany as a vocal coach – youth education center Theodor Wuppermann eV Juist).

She also trained vocal, stage and improvisation with the masters (master classes with Emma Kirkby, Klaus D. Jung, Renaissance singing: Tiina Zahn (NDR), HH, stage training with Catharina Lührs, HfMT / HH).Bands: Herrmann & Gomes, Rio de Hamburgo, AltoMundo, Rio de Hamburgo Soul Club, Grupo Saudade

Ensembles: Musica Andretta, Capella Maris Stella, Ensemble Cansonare

On stage with: Jessé Gomes, Mo da Silva, Mazinho de Souza, Henry Altmann, Enno Dugnus, Cesar Ferreira, Doro Offermann, Joachim Gerth, Klaus Dieter Jung, Simone Colavecchi, Ulf Dressler, Danielle Fourie etc.