Mohamed Sylla

The Guinean artist Mohamed Sylla is a co-founder of the Bangoura Group. He accompanies the dance pedagogy training and project work of Tanz der Kulturen e.V. in various ways.


Mohamed received traditional training regarding mandinke rhythms at the Sangban (middle bass drum). He learned for over ten years from his master Goumbana Konde, the longtime director of the National Ballet of Guinea. Ever since then, music has accompanied his life in many ways, whereas Mohamed’s artistic activities have not only decisively shaped his professional career but also helped him to deal with his difficult past. After a series of strokes of fate and humiliation, he managed to fight for and regain his freedom through the djembe. Regarding his dance pedagogical work in Germany, he claims: “The work with Stephanie was life-changing for me. The experience of recognizing and communicating my feelings and needs in a safe environment was really eye-opening. It taught me to speak up and express myself. It makes me feel noticed, seen, valued, and that everyone respects me more now.“