Lino Castiello

My name is Lino Castiello. I’m a free project co-worker. My mission is to help people realize that they can do whatever they want to do and follow their purpose.

I spend a while for understanding what to write in this presentation and at the end I looked at myself, and I thought how the emotional and physical contact with people changed me.

In these years I’ve been working without formation, supporting the personal projects of others, challenging myself to learn what I needed. The child circus, the touristic theatre, and the social work, were a part of this process of life. And even though they do not occupy a big part of it, they make me understand how music, dance and arts were irreplaceable instruments for touching our inner inspiration. I recently began to support the working team at FES and creating deeper connection within it.

I’m very excited to have the possibility to share experiences in the project “The Singing Body” and bring them back into my day job.