Jlenia Mancino

Jlenia Mancino was born in Puglia, South Italy, in 1988. She started to study languages literature in Naples, but soon she completely devotes herself to the organization of concerts and music festivals, creating important events in Puglia from scratch. Music is one of her greatest passions as well as writing, so she started to work with a theatre company in her adopted city, Taranto. That is how she began to be a theatre coach, teaching self-expression, especially with disadvantaged groups of people (both children and adults). She believes that performing arts help society’s self-knowledge: “when you use your body to feel, to find, to communicate with, or to research, you can feel not only yourself, but also the world that is around you, with its diversity – cultural and social -, and your attention, your mindsets, your energy, grows”. She continues to constantly train herself in the field, never forgetting literature and music, which she uses as means of experimentation in her work, to develop a diversity of theatral techniques.