Eva Azevedo

Eva Azevedo works as a dancer, choreographer, scientist, and dance teacher. She is vice President of Popolomondo and among other cultural events primarily responsible for the festival “24h trip to Africa”. She is trained in Contemporary Dance, Contact / Improvisation, Aerial Dance, Theater, Butôh, Organic Movement, and Pilates. In 2003 she began to dedicate herself to African dance at the National Ballet of Guinea Bissau and thereafter took part in further training courses in Portugal, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Benin, France, and Spain. She developed her first Semente project (dance and group music in the world) in 2005 and further initiated the Sementinha School (training in dance and African music). In 2009 she founded the project “FARISOGO SIRA – The Body Path in African Dance”, which is groundbreaking to this day in terms of practice, teaching, and research on the subject of the body as a catalyst regarding creativity, relationships, and society.

With the framework of her research work, in 2017 she examined dance as an expression of the relationship between Portugal, Brazil, and Benin within her Olokum project on cultural, ethnographic, and historical interfaces.

Following up on this, she began her doctorate in 2018 at the University of Lisbon in the field of Human Motricity with her doctoral thesis: “Body as performative memory: Singularities and similarities of the dances of Vodum, Candomblé Jejé, and Tambor de Mina, in the triangle of colonialism Portugal, Benin, and Brazil ”.