Miguel Moreira

Miguel Moreira is a sound technician and audio producer. He is also a musician and composer of piano and percussion. He began his studies in music in 1982, attending piano lessons and musical training at the Vilar do Paraíso Music Academy (VN Gaia) and later at the Silva Monteiro Music Academy (Porto). In 1988, he began his artistic career as a pianist/keyboard player with the group Piconapata, as a drummer in Santos Antros (participating in the Rock Rendez Vouz contest on RTP2) and in 1999 with the group Melancolic Youth of Jesus. In 1995, he began his training in the Audio and Visual Area at JM Som & Luz. In 2000, Miguel joined the technical team of AuferSom and AudioLuz.


​He highlights his participation as a sound technician and musician in Porto 2001 – Capital of Culture, with several jazz groups in Serralves, and his participation in the album and in the Meeting Point Tour of the Plaza group, between 2004 and 2007, passing through various stages of big festivals. It also highlights the participation in 2004 in the concert tribute to José Afonso, together with Vitorino, Jenita and Catarina Moura, at Seixal. In 2006, Miguel participated as a musician and studio producer with the groups Out with a New, the other side and Malcontent. As a producer, he participates in the studio with Frei Fado d’el Rei on the album SrPoeta, winner of the Premio Zeca Afonso 2008.


As a Sound Engineer, he has been participating since 2004 in the Funchal Jazz Festival, in Madeira. From 2004 to 2014, Miguel also developed several production work in the studio with Frederico Serrano (Quico), working with the following groups: Mundo Secreto, Plaza, Slimmy, Ricardo Azevedo, Som Ibérico, Lúmen, Walter Hidalgo; Unkle Bob, Cabaret Fortuna, Mu and Muse in the Mirror. Since 2004, he has participated as a Sound Engineer on tour with the bands; Plaza, Slimmy, Ricardo Azevedo, Nicorette, Muse in the Mirror, Lumen, Mu, Mandrake, Seed and Baileburdia. In 2006, he joined the project Warsy Music (France) composition workshops with Quico Serrano and Saul Davies (James).


Miguel develops creative and music production work creating the groups Ra.In.Project and Rakia (2008), Dunya (2012), Mathematic of Mind (MOM) and Forfreetoo (2013), Tryoball (2015), The Piano and the others and DUO (2016). Musical participation and audio production in discography: Baileburdia, Frei Fado del Rei, OWAN, Karrossel, Recanto and Jam.pt.