Paulo das Cavernas

Paulo das Cavernas is a musician, composer, and teacher of African and Ngoni percussion. He is also an animator and teacher of educational and creative music.

Since 2002 he develops his career as a percussionist and guitarist with several groups. Founder, musician and composer of the Semente group. Paulo works with Terrakota and has worked with Fado Violado, Madandza, Olivetree, Djamboonda, Tchakare Kanyemb, Kulirimar and Le Partisan.

He has been a teacher of African percussion since 2002, having founded the Escola Sementinha in 2005. He has been working since 2003 as a music and percussion monitor and musicalises the project “stories that dance” for children, in various educational|artistic|social projects, such as the Mus-e project, supported by the Ministry of Education and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Paulo started his musical studies in 1985, the study of percussion in 1990. In 2009 he finished the Musical Animators Training Course at Casa da Musica. He has already had training with several masters of African and Brazilian percussion. He performed an intensive internship in African percussion in Guinea Conakry in 2006, with balaphone and traditional percussion in 2009, Ngoni in 2010 and 2011 in Burkina Faso.