Cooperativa Sociale Il Faro

The Italian association Il Faro has been active in Brindisi and Latiano since 2014 by providing welfare and housing as well as various socio-cultural activities. Their work aims to bridge the gap regarding state aid measurements, targeting pregnant refugee women and mothers who have experienced violence or are in similar distress and creating a place for cultural events and workshops in rural areas that encourage personal growth.The old factory building La Fabbrica del Farò Il Faro is the association’s centerpiece that carries out numerous forms of art in the social field. Surrounded by four hectares of land for permaculture and a year-round operating circus on site, the building contains two huge apartments and 800 square meters of seminar space suitable for experimental cultural activities, where currently a social theater and dance studio are created.

Gabriele Cagnazzo

Gabriele Cagnazzo, dancer and choreographer, stilt performer and social theatre-circus director. In particular he has passion for and experience in circus theatre activities and management of workshops on non-verbal communication through play, theatre and dance. He also enjoys experimenting with [...]

Jenny Larsen

Jennifer (Jenny) Grace Larsen, musician and amatuer photographer. With particular skills and experience in new start-ups, administration, teaching and marketing, as well as photography and graphic design, she grew up in a musical family and her love for music lives [...]

Jlenia Mancino

Jlenia Mancino was born in Puglia, South Italy, in 1988. She started to study languages literature in Naples, but soon she completely devotes herself to the organization of concerts and music festivals, creating important events in Puglia from scratch. Music [...]